About – Intuitive Energy Healing

My intuitive energy healing sessions are completely unique and tailored to the individual. Everyone needs something different, and it’s not always what you might expect. The focus of the session will always be on helping you heal in the way you need most right now. I will always nurture you and hold you with a safe, loving intention. 

For one person, the session may involve the removal of emotional blockages, for another it may require deep soul nurturing and for someone else it may be cutting unwanted energetic emotional bonds with another person. Almost all sessions come with a message for you which I will share. 

While I have trained with different teachers in different techniques, I first and foremost come to you with my own intuition. This is primarily because I do not wholeheartedly subscribe to values of other teachings. For example, although I am a qualified Usui Reiki Master, I do not live by the principles “do not be angry” and “do not worry”. To truly know and love yourself, you must know and accept all parts, not reject that which makes us uncomfortable. 

So, what is Intuitive Energy?

We all exist together. We are all in life together, a part of life together. As much as we are separate, we are connected and there’s a binding and intuition between us. You will have experienced it in your life. An example could be a time you thought of someone you knew, then you soon after run into them or get a text from them.

We always feel our energy within, whether we’re aware of it or not. Often when we put our hand over our heart in a loving way, it’s not actually our physical heart that we are addressing, but our energetic heart centre. That something you feel with your hand over chest, some of our loving intuitive energy. We all have intuition, knowledge and sacred power within us and we are all made of energy (science! Look it up). 

What happens when the energy is being channelled? 

You are a being made up of thousands before you. Think of all the ancestors you have – you are created out of all of those people, not just your two biological parents. All of those people have had thoughts and feelings and experiences and emotions and you’re born out of that. There’s always more than meets the eye. I have practised connecting with energy with my intuition for many years. I can now channel energy to send to myself and others for healing.

I help you to connect with every part of you, with your body, your soul/spirit/life/universe/God/being present in reality – whatever resonates – your energy, everything you’re made up of, your atoms and all of the emotions fused to that, flow through you to serve you in the most authentic way. To help you truly connect deeper with yourself toward complete, unconditional self love.

photo of kaitlyn performing distance healing