This is a space for people who feel they are not enough. Never doing enough, being enough. It’s a space for people who feel like they can’t get anything right. It’s for anyone who has doubted they are worthy, or loveable, or valid. For anyone who desperately can’t or won’t fit with the expectations put on them. It’s a space for people who feel alone. It’s a space for anyone looking to feel belonging.

F*ck feeling anything other than deeply, truly grounded in yourself.

I support people to connect in life – with themselves and others. To have a healthy relationship with the Self and everyone else around. I guide people intuitively, spiritually and empathetically in their discovery of self love.

My work is deeply values-driven by trust, authenticity and unconditional love.

I offer one-on-one services and run small support groups. I am slowly generating online content here on my site and on Instagram and YouTube. Within the coming months I will be offering workshops on healing and self care. xo